Sọi dây bạc

(Trang này đang được dịch)

Trong Kinh Thánh “dây bạc đứt” ngụ ý cái chết của cơ thể vật chất. Chúng ta thấy rõ điều này ở đoạn này từ sách Truyền Đạo:

Hãy nhớ đến Ðấng Tạo Hóa của bạn trước khi dây bạc đứt và chén vàng bể, trước khi vò vỡ bên suối và bánh xe gãy bên giếng, trước khi bụi đất trở về với bụi đất y như trước, và trước khi sinh khí trở về với Ðức Chúa Trời, Ðấng đã ban nó cho bạn. Giảng Sư nói: Vô nghĩa của mọi vô nghĩa, tất cả chỉ là vô nghĩa.

(Truyền Đạo 12:6-8, Kinh Thánh)

Những tác giả khác giải thích về dây bạc như sau:

When the soul leaves the body, its connection with the body remains intact, by means of what is termed the silver cord or magnetic tie.

(Kính Zohar)

Question: Master, can you tell me how is it that – since the region of the lower abdomen is associated with the infernal worlds – the silver cord is located in that infernal area? Does this mean that such a cord is constantly connecting us with our infernal worlds?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable sir, I will give you a precise clear answer. Much has been said about the silver cord; it is indubitable that every soul is connected to the physical body by means of this magnetic thread. However, we have been told that a section of this cord or thread of life is found related to the heart and another to the brain. Diverse authors emphasize the idea that seven sections are derived from the silver cord and that these are found connected with seven specific centers of the human organism. In any case, this thread of life, this cord which you mentioned to us that is the very basis of your question, is in no way connected to the seven chakras of the lower abdomen. It is interesting to know that during the hours of sleep, the essence, the soul, escapes from within the physical body in order to travel to different places of the Earth or the cosmos; when this happens the magnetic thread of our existence is loosened and stretches infinitely; thereafter it pulls us towards our physical body so that we awaken in bed.

(Samael Aun Weor – Hell, the Devil, and Karma)

The elemental Advocate watches over us in sleep and protects our bodies from outside influences that would wish to enter them. For we have often to travel long distances from our bodies, and the Silver Cord is stretched beyond its normal range. This cord—the higher counterpart of the Linga Sharira or astral cord—has to be loosened till it is only connected to the body by a fine atomic filament. If this is severed death occurs to our physical shell.

(M. – The Dayspring of Youth)

When the hour of death arrives then the angel of deach comes to the bedside of the suffering person, charged with the duty of cutting the thread of life. In the precise instant in which we exhale our last breath, the angel of death takes us out of our physical body and cuts the silver cord with his scythe. (That mysterious thread of silver colour that connects the internal bodies with the physical body.) That magnetic cord can lengthen or shorten itself infinitely. It is thanks to that thread that we can reintegrate ourselves into our physical body again at the moment we wake up after sleeping.

Dying people often see the angels of death. When working, they dress themselves in funeral clothes and take on a skeletal, ghost-like appearance, holding a scythe with which they cut the silver cord. They only assume that gloomy figure when working. At other times they take on very beautiful forms: forms of children, or women, or venerable elders. The angels of death are never evil or perverse. They simply work in accordance with the great law. Each person is born at the appropriate time and dies at the appropriate time. 

(Samael Aun Weor, Tarot and Kabbalah)
Thiên thần của cái chết – Evelyn De Morgan, 1881

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